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Our Lady Of Mount Virgin is a pastoral center welcoming people and immigrants from different cultures.

Honoring Mother Mary and under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we are born as a communnity of missionary disciples of love, worship, service and stewardship.


Dear brothers & sisters, please spend 2 minutes filling out this Mass Survey form to help our parish continue planning our weekend Mass during this pandemic time. Thank you for answering all questions!



In the beginning, God calls us into existence. From nothing, He invites dust and ash to take shape and form. They listen to Him and become sun and moon, fish and bird, man and woman …… for His word creates life. However, the word of the creating God is overshadowed by another word from the serpent voice. This voice deceives man and woman into eating the forbidden fruit as the way to have life and they forget they are already given life more than anything can give. They fall into the trap of eventual death and abandon the fullness of life.

Lent is the journey to restore us to God’s original call. It is the season for us to sort out among many voices and still be able to stay true with the original call. Lent is the time that Jesus leads us through multi snares of temptations and delivers us our redemption. Jesus enters the wilderness to face the ancient serpent itself, to show us the way out, and win back our call of life. In this purifying journey of 40 days and nights, Jesus’ followers will have that same opportunity to learn the listening skill to identify where the Devil is and where God is, where a fake life dangles and where the true life resides.

This year, we also have St. Joseph specially to company us. Our Holy Father Francis has invoked this Patron Saint of the Universal Church for 2021. Joseph is the model right next to Mary of how to discern between life and life illusion, to follow God and no other. As the legal spouse of Mary and designated guardian of Jesus, Joseph has been tested. Like the Virgin Mary, he has faced the ancient coiling temptation to choose between the Lord’s message and the message of his own mind. He was pursuing his own family style with earnest desire but turned around to the call to the family life that the Lord has for him.

Please mark on your worship calendar two coming celebrations of St. Joseph. They are March 19 - the Solemnity of St. Joseph, and May 1 - St. Joseph the Worker. Our Parish will celebrate the two feasts with devotion. Please send pictures of this Universal Church Patron that you have in your possession to the Parish at info@mountvirgin.org. We would like to honor his various pictures in our Websites and Facebooks. There are also more resources about this saint for your faith journey at mountvirgin.org. Let us now invoke St. Joseph and the Holy Family to begin our Lenten journey:

St. Joseph, pray for us. Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, pray for us.

Jesus, save us and set us free.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Hung Nguyen, Pastor


A year of St. Joseph

December 8 2020 to December 8 2021


Archbishop Paul D. Etienne welcomes people back to Mass.

Governor Jay Inslee issued a new directive on May 27 permitting religious and faith-based organizations to hold services within strict requirements. The Washington State Catholic Conference bishops have provided parishes with guidance for safely and correctly reopening in accordance with the governor's direction.

Our Lady of Mount Virgin started publicly celebrating Mass on weekends. Mass looks, feels, and sounds different. Following these protocols, however, will allow us to be together in a safe and healthy way. We will all need to follow these guidelines carefully to continue to have public Mass.

Introducing Our Parish Safety Team



My sincere thanks to your Parish Safety Team who has made our Parish reopening Masses possible. These are trained and dedicated members of our Parish who have come together to learn and establish procedures according the Archdiocese and WA State guidelines. They consistently carry out those safety procedures from the time of registration, to the day of set up and clean up for each Mass. They do not only offer their talent and labor; they also donate safety supplies with other donors as well. In this unusual time, we have received unusual gift – Our Parish Safety Team and their collaborating efforts.

Fr. Hung


  • Saturdays 5 PM
  • Sundays 8:30 AM
  • Sundays 10:30 AM

Mass Registraton and Checklist:

  • Pre-registration is required
    • The governor has restricted outdoor services to no more than 100 individuals and indoor services to no more than 49 people per OLMV capacity.
    • You and everyone in your family must make a reservation to attend Mass.
    • You can sign up at EventBrite, or by e-mailing info@mountvirgin.org or calling the parish office at 206-324-8521. Please leave a message with your complete name, phone number, the Mass you wish to attend and the number of people in your family. We will contact you with confirmation.
    • To ensure that many of us who wish to attend Mass have an equal opportunity, we will give priority to those signing up for the first time.
    • Kindly cancel your registration if there's change of plans to allow others to attend.
  • Wear your face mask
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Please use the restroom at your home
  • Maintain social distance (6 feet apart)
    • For outdoor mass, available seats have white marks in the parking lot.
    • For indoor mass, available seats have numbers in front of you.
    • That allocation helps to keep social distancing in order.
  • Place your offering envelope in the Offering Basket as you enter for Mass. There is no collection during Mass.
  • For outdoor mass, come prepared for sun or rain. Bring your own folding chair, blanket or umbrella.
  • For indoor mass, bring your own disposable gloves to help clean the pew (your seating area) after mass and discard after cleaning.
  • Bring your own copy of the Sunday Readings
  • Check website/Facebook/e-mail frequently for updates, in case of weather changes.


  • Our Lady of Mount Virgin is committed to create as safe an environment as possible, but COVID-19 is still a risk in any public venue. Please remember we all attend Mass at our own risk.
  • We strongly recommend you NOT attend public Mass at this time if you are someone the CDC recommends take extra precautions concerning COVID-19.
  • Do not come to Mass if you are sick in any way, please cancel your reservation.
  • The bishops have continued the general dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation.
  • Each person will need to check-in. Expect the entrance line to be longer and slower moving than usual – come early. Your patience, understanding, and cooperation are appreciated.
  • If you found out that you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, or developed COVID-19 related symptoms within 14 days of attending Mass at Mount Virgin, then please immediately contact your health care provider; and contact the Parish Office at 206-324-852 or email info@mountvigint.org. Our COVID-19 Supervisor will reach out to you to understand the situation and follow up with the local Public Health Department.


If you are new to the area, you are most welcome at Our Lady of Mount Virgin.

Please send us a note, or fill out the Welcome Card and put it in the collection basket.

If you would like to register with Our Lady of Mount Virgin, please fill out our Registration Form with your information

Please choose among our English and Vietnamese Registration Forms below:

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Wednesday-Friday: 10AM

Saturday: 5PM (Vietnamese)

Sunday: 8:30AM (Vietnamese/English), 10:30AM (English/Chinese/Laotian)

Pre-reservation required for Saturday & Sunday Masses (Make your reservation below)


Ash Wednesday February 17 2021: 10AM & 5PM

Please register at info@mountvirgin.org for Mass language and space preparation.





Please keep safe distance inside the Church (mask required)

Archdiocese of Seattle
Mass with Archbishop Etienne, Daily @8:30am Health Screening Before Mass
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